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Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 154 Collections and/or Records:

Gay Scotland, Issue 9, Jul 1983 - Aug 1983

Identifier: GD61/10/2/10
Scope and Contents

Front cover reads: "AIDS in Scotland. Special 2-page report". This issue also includes coverage of: a national Befriending conference; a report on a Gay Christian Movement meeting and an article covering the Church of Scotland's Report on Homosexuality; Gayfest '83; the sale of Gay News; "World Gaze" - coverage of international gay news; Lesbian Line and ILIS conferences; and "Summer In London", including information on getting there and getting around.

Dates: Jul 1983 - Aug 1983

Gay Scotland, Issue 12, Jan 1984 - Feb 1984

Identifier: GD61/10/2/13
Scope and Contents Front cover shows an alien and a man in underwear and reads: "perchance to dream". This issue also includes: an editorial discussing Dennis Nilsen; a report on a meeting with Conservative MP Michael Ancram; the arrest of two men in George Square, Glasgow after kissing; the opening of Edinburgh's Lesbian Line; report on the National Union of Student's Lesbian and Gay Liberation Conference in Belfast; international reports covering Russia, the Netherlands, the United States of America, Japan,...
Dates: Jan 1984 - Feb 1984

Gay Scotland, Issue 14, May 1984 - Jun 1984

Identifier: GD61/10/2/16
Scope and Contents The front cover shows a person standing in front of a mirror with their reflection shown with make up on, and the word "trans" is written in lipstick. This issue includes: an article in AIDS and poppers; gay prisoners; physical abuse suffered by people leaving Fire Island; the National and Local Government Officers Association's conference; the 1984 election in the United States of America (USA); homosexuality in Germany; an article covering 15 years of the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group...
Dates: May 1984 - Jun 1984

Gay Scotland, Issue 19, Mar 1985 - Apr 1985

Identifier: GD61/10/2/21
Scope and Contents Front cover shows a pink triangle with the word "changes" written across it. This issue covers: the future of the SHRG; the proposed Scottish Assembly; updates on the Glasgow Youth Group; suspension of the magazine Minor Problems; anger at the press coverage of AIDS and descriptions of "the gay plague"; new members of the Gay Scotland team; AIDS updates by Derek Ogg of Scottish AIDS Monitor (SAM); report on a talk on AIDS provided by Dr Sandy MacMillan; launch of the lesbian magazine,...
Dates: Mar 1985 - Apr 1985

Gay Scotland, Issue 20, May 1985 - Jun 1985

Identifier: GD61/10/2/22
Scope and Contents Front cover is black with "Don't Take That Test" written in yellow next to blood splashes. The issue covers: the settlement of a case between Ian Dunn and the Daily Mail in relation to the magazine "Minor Problems"; report on the fourth conference of the Scottish and Northern Gay Switchboards; an article relating to the front cover which urges readers not to take an HTLV-3 antibody test; updates on both the Inverness Men's' Group, the Borders Gay Group, Pride 1985 and the Newcastle Gay...
Dates: May 1985 - Jun 1985

Gay Scotland, Issue 23, Sep 1985 - Oct 1985

Identifier: GD61/10/2/25
Scope and Contents The front covers reads "Toronto Exclusive", and shows a large crowd with some holding banners. An article in this issue discusses the first International Gay Association (IGA) Conference held Toronto between 1 July 1985 and 7 July 1985. This issues discusses: funding for Scottish AIDS Monitor (SAM); funding for the London Lesbian and Gay Centre; the suicide of a gay man who had been evicted from his lodgings and a report in the Scotsman relating to a speech given by Robin Cook...
Dates: Sep 1985 - Oct 1985

Gay Scotland, Issue 24, Nov 1985 - Dec 1985

Identifier: GD61/10/2/26
Scope and Contents The front covers reads: "Facing up to gay comedy – with Blah, Simon Fanshawe and Janice Perry", and shows comedians Chris Edward and Robert Llewellyn from Blah.This issue discusses: a protest against the Salvation Army and their anti-gay actions; the internment and isolation of hospital patients with AIDS; the death of Rock Hudson from complications relating to AIDS; a conference organised by Scottish AIDS Monitor (SAM) called "AIDS and its Management"; the detention of the black...
Dates: Nov 1985 - Dec 1985

Gay Scotland, Issue 25, Jan 1986 - Feb 1986

Identifier: GD61/10/2/27
Scope and Contents The front cover reads: “Porn[,] women and men share insights”, “Jarman’s Angels”, and “Poetry Works!”This issue discusses: the "AIDS and its Management" conference, organised by Scottish AIDS Monitor (SAM); the Hall-Carpenter Archives; the 3rd National Bisexual conference; a new gay dating service named DATAGAY; a disco arranged by the Borders Gay Group; articles relating to politics and trade unions; ; international news relating to the LGBTQ+ community; a feature on...
Dates: Jan 1986 - Feb 1986

Gay Scotland, Issue 35, Sep 1987 - Oct 1987

Identifier: GD61/10/2/37
Scope and Contents The front cover reads “What Next?”This issue includes: coverage of the International Lesbian and Gay Conference; a feature examining the “There is Hope” campaign which promoted heterosexuality and published an article titled “AIDS and the new morality”; an article written by a trans woman on her experience of being a lesbian in Edinburgh and the support and discrimination she has received from the community; an interview with Gus Van Sant; a feature looking at the use of nude...
Dates: Sep 1987 - Oct 1987

Gay Scotland, Issue 46, 1989

Identifier: GD61/10/2/48
Scope and Contents Issue number 46 (Edinburgh Festival Fringe Issue).This issue includes: an article on Section 28 and Edinburgh District Council’s refusal to give a grant to Lark in the Park; obituary for physique photographer Hoffman; coverage of the gay and lesbian community in the mainstream press; an article on the gay community in Thailand; an interview with author Fiona Cooper; a feature on the International Lesbian and Gay Association in Vienna; coverage of the Edinburgh International...
Dates: 1989