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Maps, Outline and Base

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = PJM

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Plans: Stepney / Poplar reconstruction area and first period operations, 1949-1951

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.4.8
Scope and Contents 2 copy plans (69cm x 102cm) by the Reconstruction Areas Group of the Town Planning Division of London County Council's Architect's Department. The plans cover the whole of Comprehensive Development Area No. 2: Stepney / Poplar. 1 plan shows areas of early development for the each of the neighbourhood units in the area, along with the names of the planners responsible for the individual neighbourhoods, at 12" to 1 mile scale. The second plan shows areas designated for 1st period operations at...
Dates: 1949-1951

Plans: Stepney / Poplar transport sketch, 1950s

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.4.9
Scope and Contents

Mounted small scale Ordnance Survey plan (49cm x 88cm) showing the east end of London. The plan has pencil annotations relating to notable buildings and red pencil annotations, possibly indicating a bus route.

Dates: 1950s

Proposed flats and maisonettes - Alpha Place, 1938

Identifier: PJM/WBC/B/11
Scope and Contents

2 copy site plans (39cm x 42cm) at a scale of 44 feet to 1 inch, for a proposed development of flats and maisonettes at Alpha Road, Willesden. The plans are at the scale 8 feet to 1 inch. The architect was the borough engineer F Wayman Brown and the draftsman Percy Johnson-Marshall.

Dates: 1938

Saint Paul's Cathedral Precinct: plans, c1950-1956

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/1.3.2
Scope and Contents Plans concerning the Saint Paul's Cathedral Precinct area of London County Council's Comprehensive Redevelopment Area no 1: City of London: sketch plans of the street layout in the St Paul's Cathedral area, (c1950) St Paul's Cathedral Precinct, (c1950) St Paul's Cathedral Precinct - proposed development plan, (1956) St Paul's Cathedral Precinct - south...
Dates: c1950-1956

St James Square CDA, c1963

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/1.8.13
Scope and Contents

4 sketch plans on manuscript pre-prepared base (48cm x 58cm), probably by Percy Johnson-Marshall & Associates. Themes are hand coloured using felt-tip pens . These show schematic ideas studies for the proposed St James Square Comprehensive Development Area in Edinburgh. Subjects covered are pedestrian circulation, levels, zoning and relative heights of major and distributor roads.

Dates: c1963

St James Square - Leith Street Comprehensive Development Area, 1963

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/1.8.14
Scope and Contents

3 copy large scale Ordnance Survey base plans (76cm x 124cm), with local additions to the detail. A pink hand coloured boundary of the Edinburgh St James Square - Leith Street Comprehensive Development Area is overlaid. The plans show utilities in the area overlaid, one plan each for telephone cables, gas pipes, and sewers and manholes. Depth of the utilities is also shown.

Dates: 1963

Thesis project - Proposed town planning scheme for March, Isle of Ely, 1935-1937

Identifier: PJM/UOL/B/2
Scope and Contents

City planning maps, plans and studies by Percy Johnson-Marshall, undertaken whilst a student studying for the Certificate in Civic Design at the University of Liverpool, for his thesis project entitled "Proposed town planning scheme for March, Isle of Ely". There are 13 sheets: 3 pencil details (65cm x 65cm), 4 survey and planning plans overlaid on 6 inch to 1 mile Ordnance Survey plans (62cm x 75cm).

The typescript thesis report with some manuscript notes are included.

Dates: 1935-1937

University Comprehensive Development Area map, 1965

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/1.8.9
Scope and Contents

Copy of a land-use plan for the University of Edinburgh Comprehensive Development Area (90cm x 127cm) by the City and Royal Burgh of Edinburgh. Land use parcels are identified by hand applied colour to a base map overlaid on a 1:1250 scale plan of the area. Acreages for the land parcels are given. There is a legend to the colour coding with total acreages for each land type.

Dates: 1965

University of Edinburgh - Bristo Square, 1979

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/5.5.1
Scope and Contents 4 copy 1:200 scale civil engineering plans (83cm x 120cm) showing the Lothian Street / Potterrow junction in Edinburgh, prior to realignment for the creation of Bristo Square. An outline base plan, which has been used to create the other plans in this file, is on a transparancy. A plan (2 copies) showing height measurements [and bore holes] is also on a transparancy. A paper plan subtitled "Existing services" shows the utilities in the area, which would be affected by the construction of...
Dates: 1979

University of Edinburgh Central Area, c1962

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/1.8.12
Scope and Contents

2 manuscript 1:500 transparencies, probably by Percy Johnson-Marshall & Associates, one of the Potter Row / Nicolson Street area of the University of Edinburgh Comprehensive Development Area (50cm x 50cm) and one of the future Bristo Square area (71cm x 87cm). These plans are probably traced from Ordnance Survey plans and intended as base maps for future plans.

Dates: c1962