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Subject Source: Sss
Scope Note: Created For = CW

Found in 188 Collections and/or Records:

Livre de Raison (Commonplace book)

 Collection — Box CLX-A-354
Identifier: Coll-1854
Content Description This outlandish and colourful manuscript volume is an exceptional resource to understand and study French popular culture in the late 18th-early 19th centuries. Its contents are extremely varied, and include poems, oracles, lyrics of popular songs, proverbs and maxims, recipes, legal document templates, a formulary of letters, calendars, little stories and anecdotes, an account of Napoleon's return to France after his exile on Elba, and a dictionary for the interpretation of dreams. It refers...
Dates: c 1820-1830

Melville, Andrew. Epitaphium Alexandri Arbuthneti & Thomam Smetoniam duo nostrae gentis lumina, Late 16th early 17th century

Identifier: De.1.12/13
Scope and Contents This is an epitaph by the Scottish scholar, theologian and religious reformer, Andrew Melville for Alexander Arbuthnot. And a second epitaph by Melville for Arbuthnot, and Thomas Smeaton, Scottish minister and Principal of Glasgow University.

Dates: Late 16th early 17th century

Name which reads 'Binneach nam beann', c1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW119/61
Scope and Contents Name which reads 'Binneach nam beann' [Melodious One of the Mountains].
Dates: c1872

Note about Fenian placenames with associated verse and vocabulary, c1866

Identifier: Coll-97/CW104/13
Scope and Contents Note, probably collected from Alexander MacKenzie, Uisgebhagh/Uiskevagh, Beinn na Faoghla/Benbecula, about Fenian placenames with associated verse and vocabulary. MacKenzie states that Gleann na Tullach is in Polliu [Gleann Tùlacha and Poll-iù/Poolewe, Ros is Cromba/Ross and Cromarty], that Diarmaid's grave is there and that his two white dogs were buried with him one at each foot. On top of the hill there is a place called 'Suicheachan Fhinn' and on the north side of this is Gleann-na-Muic...
Dates: c1866

Note about Gaelic poetry, William Ross's muse and accompanying verse, c1873

Identifier: Coll-97/CW105/19
Scope and Contents Note about Gaelic poetry and its elegance; William Ross's muse, Marion Ross; and accompanying verse beginning 'Ciod an fhuaira tha shuas 'sa bhein'. The pencil text on folio 83r is very faded and difficult to read. A transcription of the text is available.
Dates: c1873

Note about the birds 'Clacharan' [stonechat] and 'Gurragag' [crow] and accompanying verse beginning 'Fhuair mi nead a Ghurrag thu', c1893

Identifier: Coll-97/CW126g/11
Scope and Contents Note about the birds 'Clacharan' [stonechat] that it is unlucky to see it when it first appears, that the 'Gurragag' is a 'Hoodie [crow]' and an accompanying verse beginning 'Fhuair mi nead a Ghurrag thu, Ann an cuil na moine'.
Dates: c1893

Note differentiating between Appin in Argyllshire and Appin in Perthshire and accompanying rhyme, August 1883

Identifier: Coll-97/CW120/48
Scope and Contents Note probably collected from Christina Campbell née Macintyre, Lios Mòr/Lismore Earra, Ghàidheal/Argyllshire differentiating between Appin in Argyllshire [An Apainn, Earra Ghàidheal] and Appin in Perthshire [Apainn nam Mèinnearach/Appin of Dull, Siorrachd Peairt]. The accompanying rhyme, a sheiling rhyme, includes other places in those counties such as Coire bhacai and Coire bhuiri [Coire Bhachdaidh and Coire Bhùirich]. Also a vocabulary note that 'ruithe' [ruighe] means the same as 'airi[dh]'...
Dates: August 1883

Note entitled 'S[aint] Brendan', c1892

Identifier: Coll-97/CW122/88
Scope and Contents Note entitled 'S[aint] Brendan' with a verse about Saint Brendan beginning 'Chuirear Bruanain Domhal Dubh, Is faid an la n diugh nan de' and a note that Saint Moluag was a disciple of Brendan's, that Lugadius and Moluc are alternatives for Moluag, that St Moluag's Day is 25 June, that he died in 592 AD and that Moluag founded 'Mortlach Muirthilleauch in the vale of the Fiddich' [Mòrthlach/Mortlach and Gleann Fhiodhaich/Glen Fiddich, both Siorrachd Bhanbh/Banffshire].
Dates: c1892

Note or verse, 10 March 1869

Identifier: Coll-97/CW107/22
Scope and Contents Note or verse written transversely which reads ['San Bhuilireataich An cochlach craicinn Fagai sibh orm gun sui nan cha[-] Sgeirag bheaga Gibein fhuair sibh']. Text is difficult to read as there is interference between it and the text written below it.
Dates: 10 March 1869

Note, possibly fragment of verse, which reads 'Coilleach is Cearc Chearr, Da Choil is cearc chearr', June 1887

Identifier: Coll-97/CW89/218
Scope and Contents Note, possibly fragment of verse, which reads 'Coilleach is Cearc Chearr, Da Choil is cearc chearr'.
Dates: June 1887