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Manuscripts, Medieval -- Scotland

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Medieval Manuscripts created in Scotland.

Found in 24 Collections and/or Records:

Fragments of a missal, possibly Scottish, 14th century

Identifier: MS 211/XI
Scope and Contents Missal, following the Use of Sarum, but with few rubrics. Contains part of Gospel, and Mass for the Common of a Virgin, which begins with In natali plurimarum virginum, and includes the Collect, Secret and Post-communion (f. 2r, Plurimarum virginum non martirum). Commemoratio b. marie quotidie in capella et in choro...officium. Rorate coeli... begins at the bottom of column 1 on f. 2r, and finishes in the middle of the...
Dates: 14th century

Fragments of a missal, possibly Scottish, mid-15th century (?)

Identifier: MS 211/V
Scope and Contents Two fragments of a Missal, probably following the Use of Sarum. F. 1: part of the Passion and Gospel for Wednesday in Holy Week, with Collect and part of the Epistle for Maundy Thursday. F. 2: part of Gospel, Secret and Communion of Maundy Thursday, and of Prophecy, Collect and Lesson of Good Friday.

Writing Possibly Scottish, mid-15th century.
Dates: mid-15th century (?)

Fragments of the Inchcolm Antiphoner, c 1340

Identifier: MS 211/IV
Scope and Contents Four leaves from an Antiphoner written in Scotland around 1340, most likely for the Augustinian Priory of Inchcolm, which was sacked by the English in 1335. There are later additions.Contains parts of the services for the feasts of Saint Columba and Corpus Christi. Saint Columba (ff. marked 1 and 3): part of ninth respond to Matins; anthems chapter, hymn, anthem to Benedictus at Lauds; anthem to Magnificat at second Vesper;...
Dates: c 1340

Gaelic literature (Notes for a lecture series), Late 19th or early 20th century

Identifier: Coll-98/1/1/20
Scope and Contents A bundle of 6 notebooks, containing notes or scripts for lectures on a lecture series. There are no dates noted on the front covers, but the lectures presumably took place at the University of Edinburgh while Donald Mackinnon was Chair of Celtic. The following notebooks survive:'Old period: Ecclesiastical Latin' (Item B43a)'Old period: Secular Latin' (Item B43b)'Old period: Gaelic and glosses' (Item B43c)'Old period: Prose and verse' (Item B43d)'Old period: Old...
Dates: Late 19th or early 20th century

Lecture notes: 'The Gaelic medieval manuscripts and their authors', 1894

Identifier: Coll-98/1/1/15
Scope and Contents This contains the script for the opening lecture of the academic year 1894/95. This lecture was delivered by Mackinnon on 30 October 1894, and introduced the students to the medical manuscripts in Box 1 'Mackinnon 1-5' of this collection.
Dates: 1894

McBeath Gaelic Medical Manuscript, 16th century

Identifier: La.III.21
Scope and Contents Dating from the 16th-century, it is a medical manuscript, in Gaelic and Latin. It was owned by the family of McBeath (also known as Bethunes or Beatons) who were for many generations physicians of repute in the West Highlands, particularly in Mull and Islay. On pages 189-190 there is a carefully prepared family tree. In the Gaelic world basic medical texts were available in the vernacular, whereas Latin remained the language of medical learning in the rest of Scotland. This manuscript shows...
Dates: 16th century

MS 27: Composite manuscript including two texts, early 14th century; early 15th century

Identifier: MS 27
Contents Contains two texts bound together, in five different hands.The manuscript is a Sarum Breviary with a full Sarum Litany, and a Kalendar. This is in four different hands.Additionally, and ff.231v-232v feature a Chronicle of Scottish History.The texts are described separately, under MS 27/ff. ir-iiv, 231v-232v and MS 27/ff. 1r-482v. Writing The script is good and uniform. The chronicle section, on...
Dates: early 14th century; early 15th century

MS 42: Composite manuscript including two texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 42
Contents Contains two texts bound together, in two main hands.ff. 1r-6r: Kalendar, probably connected with Rochester.ff. 7r-130r: Book of Hours, featuring the Hours of Saint Ninian, and prayers inserted by Scottish hands.The texts are described separately under MS 42/ff. 1r-6r and MS 42/ff. 7r-130r. Writing The primary hand is a Gothic hand, with laterally compressed letters. Most of the volume is in this hand,...
Dates: 15th century

MS 50: Martyrology (Use of Aberdeen), 16th century (after 1552)

Identifier: MS 50
Contents The manuscript is a Martyrology from the 16th century (after 1552) and originating in Scotland. A martyrology is a catalogue or list of martyrs and other saints arranged in the calendar order of their anniversaries or feasts. This specific manuscript is similar to the Aberdeen Breviary; it is Use of Aberdeen.The Kalendar with Obits starts on f.1r.The Martyrologium secundum usum Ecclesie Aberdonensis (Martyrology, Use of Aberdeen) starts on...
Dates: 16th century (after 1552)

MS 56: Celtic Psalter, c 1000

Identifier: MS 56
Scope and Contents The manuscript is a very fine Psalter from around 1000CE that was probably written in Scotland. This particular manuscript features the Hebrew version of the Psalter.The Psalter (Hebrew version) starts on f.1v. This folio is perhaps not original; it is possible that an original decorated page was removed at an early date.There is a prayer inserted in a 13th or 14th-century hand, beginning Domine Jhesu Christe qui in hunc mundum. It...
Dates: c 1000