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religious texts

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 33 Collections and/or Records:

Beannachadh luige marrai Prosnachadh fairge, 18th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/3/6
Scope and Contents There is no title, author, or date. It has been noted in previous historical records by the first line of the text, which reads Beannachadh luinge marrai Prosnachadh fairge, which translates as 'Blessing a sea ship and sea-cheering'. It appears to be poem, religious in tone, blessing a ship and the sailors who will sail in it.
Dates: 18th century

Biblia Abbreviata [Bible. Latin], 12th century

Identifier: MS 16/ff. 1r-108v
Contents This section of the manuscript is a Biblia Abbreviata, an abbreviated Bible.In this manuscript the contents and order of the Bible are as follows: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Judges, 4 Kings, Chronicles, Prologue to Genesis, Isaiah, Jeremiah to Zechariah, part of Esdras, Ecclesiasticus Sapiential, Job, Tobit, Maccabees, Evanglia, Acts, Canonical Epistles, Apocrypha, Zechariah, Malachi, Epistles of Paul, Psalms.Four pages have been...
Dates: 12th century

Chronological notes for the history of the Gaelic Psalter, 19th century

Identifier: Coll-98/5/18
Scope and Contents This is a list of notes in chronological order, providing a history of the Gaelic Psalter, starting in 1659, and ending in 1836.
Dates: 19th century

Commonplace book by Rev. John Smith, 1810

Identifier: Coll-98/4/2/1
Scope and Contents A paper manuscript of 180 pages, half bound. The volume consists of a large number of extracts from various sources, mainly Gaelic and Celtic. The compiler was Rev. John Smith, eldest son of Dr Smith of Campbeltown, who died early. The date of the book's compilation is around 1810. A table of contents is prefixed.Among the more important Celtic items are:(p.13) The well-known Ossianic ballad, 'Òran a' Chléirich', called here ...
Dates: 1810

'Creeds: Catechisms and confessions', 1890

Identifier: Coll-98/3/4/4
Scope and Contents This appears to be a discussion on, or script for a lecture about, catechisms and confessions in Scottish Gaelic. The notebook seems to be divided into two parts, which are titled: 'Cats' Conf: + Prayer Books' (presumably 'catechisms, confessions, and prayer books) and 'Gaelic Lit:' (presumable 'Gaelic literature').Despite the vague title of the second part, the content appears to be related to the overall subject matter, i.e. religious texts and practices.As in other books in his...
Dates: 1890

English sermon. Acts XX.35, 18th or 19th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/3/3
Scope and Contents A sermon in English based on Acts XX.35. No date or author.
Dates: 18th or 19th century

Gaelic catechism, 18th or 19th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/3/12
Scope and Contents A catechism in Gaelic. It appears to be a section detached from the rest of the document. As is usual for Christian catechism, there are questions for which the answers are used to help memorise Christian doctrine.
Dates: 18th or 19th century

Gaelic hymns, 18th or 19th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/3/13
Scope and Contents These appears to be hymns in Gaelic. They were noted in previous historical records by the first line on the first page Lomnochd mar thainig sinn asteach, which translates as 'We are naked when we come in [to this world]'. Some pages are headed with what appears to be sections of the Bible, e.g. III.Joh.1.21.
Dates: 18th or 19th century

Gaelic literature (Notes for series of lectures), 1892-1893

Identifier: Coll-98/1/1/22
Scope and Contents A bundle of 7 notebooks, containing notes or scripts for lectures on a lecture series, which took place in the academic year 1892-93. The following notebooks survive:'(I) Three periods of Gaelic literature; (II) Did the heathen Gael write books?; and (III) The extant literature of ecclesiastical Latin' (Item B46a)A draft of 'Did the heathen Gael write books?' (Item B46b)'Literature of the 1st period: Latin commentators and controversialists' (Item B46c)'The early Gaelic...
Dates: 1892-1893

Gaelic sermon. 2 Sam.7.18. By Dr. Joseph MacIntyre, 18th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/3/9
Scope and Contents A sermon in Gaelic, based on 2 Sam.7.18. Allegedly written by a minister, named Joseph MacIntyre, possibly Rev. Dr. Joseph MacIntyre, was minister of Glenorchy.
Dates: 18th century