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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 21 Collections and/or Records:

A collection of leaflets and pamphlets , 1926 - 1934

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/3/1/78
Scope and Contents A collection of pamphlets, mainly published by the SSPV unless otherwise stated, which were found arranged together in a folder. The pamphlets relate to vivisection and health. 1. "The Old Churchyard, from "The Field"", a story about a dog waiting by her owner's grave. Published by The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection 2. "Constipation", a list of sayings from Hippocrates on the topic of constipation. Published by the New...
Dates: 1926 - 1934

Alexander Technique pamphlets, 1926 - 1937

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/31
Scope and Contents Three pamphlets containing information about the benefits of Alexander Technique. 1. "The F. Matthias Alexander Technique, A Short Introduction", by Patrick J. Macdonald, Principal of the F. Matthias Alexander Foundation 2. A letter from the British Medical Journal, "Constructive Conscious Control", reprinted from the British Medical Journal, May 29th, 1937, vol. 1, p. 1137 3. "Instinct and Functioning in Health and Disease", by Peter MacDonald, reprinted from the British Medical...
Dates: 1926 - 1937

Anti-Vaccination Leaflets from Various Campaign Groups, 1925 - 1959

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/40
Scope and Contents A collection of leaflets from a number of anti-vacinationa and anti-vivisection organisations. Including publications by M. Beddow Bayly 1. "Innoculation Treatments (the great boast of the vivisector), their number and variety, their rise and fall", published by the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection and stamped by the Scottish Anti-Vivisection Society. 1925 2. "Failure of Innoculation as Treatment for Animals", published by the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection,...
Dates: 1925 - 1959

Anti-Vaccination Publications, 1920 - 1933

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/39
Scope and Contents Two leaflets and a publication dating between 1920-1933 delating to theories relating to health and vaccination. 1. leaflet reprinted from the British Medical Journal, "Instinct and Functioning in Health and Disease", delivered to the Annual Meeting of the Yorkshire Branch by Peter Macdonald on the topic of Alexander Technique, 25th December 1926 (4 copies) 2. "Mr lawson Tait on Pneumonotomy", from the Zoophilist, published by Victoria Street Society for the Protection of Animals...
Dates: 1920 - 1933

Gay Scotland, Issue 138, Nov 2002

Identifier: GD61/10/2/65
Scope and Contents The cover shows a sixteen previous front covers of Gay Scotland and reads: “We’re Back!”.This issue includes articles on: compensation for those discharged from the military due to their sexuality; an open day for the gay friendly rugby team the “Caledonian Thebans Rugby Football Club”; The Highland LGBT Committee’s lobbying of the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee; John Saxbee (the Bishop of Lincoln) giving formal approval for commitment services for same-sex...
Dates: Nov 2002

Health (The Scotsman), 12 May 2000

Identifier: GD61/11/2/4/272
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

A collection of newspaper and magazine cuttings covering issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Articles cover local, national and international news, however Scottish publications have the strongest representation with Edinburgh and Glasgow based publications being a specific strength within this sub-series.

Dates: 12 May 2000

Kingston, the Home of Modern Nature Cure, 1950

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/16
Scope and Contents A pamphlet advertising The Kingston Clinic, Edinburgh, "The Home of the Modern Cure". Based at Kingston House in the south-east of Edinburgh, Kingston house offered accomodation for those seeking treatment via natural therapeutics. The clinic was focused on good healthy food, fresh air, and an active livestyle. It was first opened in 1948 and closed its doors in 1988. This leaflet outlines a history of the building, details on the activities which could be partaken there, and...
Dates: 1950

Leaflets Relating to Alternative Medicine and Health to Prevent Disease, 1928 - 1960

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/43
Scope and Contents A collection of articles and publications offering advice on healthy living to prevent disease in order to avoid the use of vivisection in medical science. Many of these articles are written by M. Beddow Bayly. 1. "Dr Sergius Voronoff and Rejuvenation by means of Grafting Monkey-Glands" by M. Beddow Bayly, a photocopy and printed version of an article issued by the Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society. First published June 1928. 2. "Pernicious Aneamia", by M. Beddow Bayly....
Dates: 1928 - 1960

Life Abundant, 1943

Identifier: Coll-1618/2/1/4/1/17
Scope and Contents

A booklet titled "Life Abundant, a practical handbook on the divine laws of health and healing", by Eric J.W. Powell. The booklet gives advice on what lifestyle changes are of benefit to live healthily. There are also herbal remedies for various ailments such as colds, hayfever, and fevers, and a list of herbs and their benefits.

Published by the Commonwealth Publishing Company, 124 Great Charles Street, Birmingham.

Dates: 1943

Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard and Lothian Lesbian Line Annual Report and Accounts, 1994 - 1995

Identifier: GD61/3/6
Scope and Contents The Annual Report contains a Statement of Purpose which details the aims and purposes of the Switchboard as stated in the Trust Deed dated 11/12/1985.A summary review is provided which discusses the following: The 21st anniversary of Switchboard; achievements in 1994-1995 including continued increase in calls and activity; the increased profile of Switchboard and the bus advertising campaign; continued harm caused by societal attitudes towards the gay community; Switchboard’s...
Dates: 1994 - 1995