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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = PJM

Found in 50 Collections and/or Records:

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from P. Morison Son, 09 April 1900

Identifier: Coll-14/9/6/12
Scope and Contents

Letter stating the enclosure of a receipt for the Gate Keeper's wages, in connection with the 'Hybrid Exhibition' of the 2nd - 7th April 1900. Includes detailed breakdown of monies taken at the exhibition for admission and books.

Dates: 09 April 1900

Letter to Oliver Charles Ormerod from C.J Reakes, 09 May 1925

Identifier: Coll-14/9/31/3
Scope and Contents

Reakes provides information concerning the shipping of New Zealand sheep, and clarifies that the sheep to be potentially sent to the Wembley Exhibition are Corriedales, not Merinos. He advises starting a small flock of Corriedales rather than shipping rams only and recommends that Ormerod contact Ewart for further information on Corriedales.

Dates: 09 May 1925

London County Council: Architect's Department, 1940s-1964

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D
Scope and Contents

London County Council: Architect's Department consists of:

  1. Administrative County of London Development Plan, 1951, (1945-1958)
  2. planning manuals and methodologies, (1940s-1959)
  3. staffing issues, (1945-1959)
  4. general work, (1944-1964)
  5. exhibitions, (1951-1959)
  6. sociological reports, (1951-1957)
Dates: 1940s-1964

London County Council Architect's Department: exhibitions, 1951-1959

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/5
Scope and Contents

London County Council Architect's Department: exhibitions consists of:

  1. exhibition papers and photographs, (1951-1959)
  2. exhibition poster and plan, (c1951)
Dates: 1951-1959

Minutes of the SMG Edinburgh Befriending Committee, 15 Apr 1975

Identifier: GD61/1/1/1/16
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: Gemini Magazine (which is referred to as a 'TV/TS' magazine); young homosexuals; the Friend National Conference; a grant from Albany Trust; the National Youth Bureau; Nightline; sexually transmitted diseases (STD); and results of the Voluntary Services Exhibition.Note: TV is an abbreviated form of the historical term transvestite used to describe individuals who wear clothes associated with a gender other than their gender assigned at birth, and TS is an...
Dates: 15 Apr 1975

Miscellaneous University of Liverpool student assignments, 1931-1937

Identifier: PJM/UOL/D
Scope and Contents

Miscellaneous University of Liverpool student assignments consists of:

  1. poster designs, c1931-1937
  2. "A gymnasium and swimming bath", c1931-1937
  3. "Venesta vintry house", c1931-1937
  4. "An atelier", c1931-1937
Dates: 1931-1937

Notebooks and pamphlets of Edward Stratton, and other booklets

 Collection — Box CLX-A-1597
Identifier: Coll-1894
Content Description This collection contains six notebooks of Edward Stratton containing handwritten ntoes and sketches on the following theme: 'history of ornament', 'architecture notes' from when Stratton was at Boroughmuir school, 'lecture and demonstration notes' (dated 1954), 'glaze recipes - tested' (c. 1966/67), 'records of work session 1952-1953', and a untitled notebook containing pencil sketches. Also includes a diary dated 1949, containing mostly comments on art.Also contains a booklet on...
Dates: 1949-1950

Other areas of Stepney / Poplar: Poplar, 1956-1959

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.3.2
Scope and Contents Black and white photographic prints (19cm x 24cm) of architectural models of the Poplar area of the London County Council Comprehensive Development Area no 2: Stepney / Poplar. There are 10 photographs of a small-scale model of the whole Poplar area. One of these shows the model in an exhibition concerning the reconstruction of the area being inspected by Percy Johnson-Marshall, Hubert Bennet, and LW Lane in 1955. There is also a photograph of an architectural...
Dates: 1956-1959

Photographs: miscellaneous (1), 1950s

Identifier: PJM/LCC/G/7
Scope and Contents 33 mixed black and white photographic prints (19cm x 24cm). These consist of: 19 oblique aerial photographs of central London; a photograph of a barge; 1 photograph of an architectural model of the Hyde Park Improvement Scheme, London, 1957; 1 photograph of an architectural model of New Zealand House, London; 2 unidentified photographs of architectural models; 2 photographs of an exhibition by the Buildings Regulations Division of the London County Council Architect's Department; 1...
Dates: 1950s

Printed leaflet for exhibition of Pollock's paintings, Warminster, Wiltshire, April 1986

Identifier: Coll-1586/A/A.9
Scope and Content

The material consists of a printed leaflet for an exhibition of Martin Rivers Pollock's paintings, in Warminster, Wiltshire. The exhibition, titled 'Self-expression through Art', featured work done 1966-1986.

Dates: April 1986