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Tower Blocks

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Created For = PJM

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Comprehensive Development Areas: Bermondsey, 1944-1959

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/3
Scope and Contents

Papers and plans relating to the London County Council Comprehensive Development Area no 3: Bermondsey:

  1. papers, ( 1950 )
  2. plans, ( 1944-1959 )
Dates: 1944-1959

Elephant and Castle: drawings, 1955-1956

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/5.2.5
Scope and Contents

5 copy perspective drawings (24cm x 37cm) of the proposed development at London County Council's Comprehensive Development Area no 5: Elephant and Castle. The drawings show the pedestrianised shopping areas and the multi-purpose office, shopping and entertainment development. The drawings are hand coloured. 2 are the same copy with differing hand colouring.

Dates: 1955-1956

London County Council Architect's Department: sociological reports, 1951-1957

Identifier: PJM/LCC/D/6
Scope and Contents A set of 35 sociological reports written by Margaret Willis for London County Council's Architect's Department. The reports are based on primary research conducted through questionnaire and survey work and report on a number of factors which would influence housing design and amenity provision. There are different editions or drafts of some of the titles, and some include original photographs or are typescript. Subjects cover a wide range of issues, including: social surveys, high rise...
Dates: 1951-1957

Other areas of Stepney / Poplar: Clive Street, 1956

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.3.5
Scope and Contents

Information relating to the Clive Street Neighbourhood of Stepney / Poplar, within the London County Council Comprehensive Development Area no 2: Stepney / Poplar. This consists of black and white photographic prints: 3 prints (18cm x 24cm) of an architectural model at 1" to 32' scale of the area and 3 variant prints of an architectural drawing of a tower block in the street; and a report concerning responsibilities for the scheme.

Dates: 1956

Other areas of Stepney / Poplar: Poplar, 1956-1959

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.3.2
Scope and Contents Black and white photographic prints (19cm x 24cm) of architectural models of the Poplar area of the London County Council Comprehensive Development Area no 2: Stepney / Poplar. There are 10 photographs of a small-scale model of the whole Poplar area. One of these shows the model in an exhibition concerning the reconstruction of the area being inspected by Percy Johnson-Marshall, Hubert Bennet, and LW Lane in 1955. There is also a photograph of an architectural...
Dates: 1956-1959

Photographs of Stepney / Poplar: east end before and after reconstruction, c1947-1961

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.1.4b
Scope and Contents Mixed collection of black and white photographic prints. 53 of the prints (max 24cm x 30cm, min 11cm x 17cm) show old or derelict buildings and waste land before reconstruction, some of which have a location, date or London County Council Architect's Town Planning Division stamp on the reverse. The remainder (21cm x 25) are of completed building projects by London County Council Architect's Department, including flats and housing in Stepney / Poplar, a children's play area, Lansbury market,...
Dates: c1947-1961

Plans: Mixed Barbican Development Plans, 1955-1958

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/1.2.5c
Scope and Contents 4 copy plans relating to the redevelopment of the Barbican Comprehensive Development Area in London. "Barbican 27 storey building Moor Lane" (38cm x 51cm) - layout plan is at 44' to 1" scale, 1958 "Annex B" (55cm x 70cm) - a plan with a numbered index to sites and their areas according to the development plan at 88' to 1" scale, January 1956 "Barbican Area" (50cm x 76cm)...
Dates: 1955-1958

Plans: New Barbican accommodation schedule original proposals, c1955

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/1.2.5b
Scope and Contents

3 copy plans (33cm x 40cm) probably by the Town Planning Division of London County Council's's Architect's Department showing a cross-section of the proposed Barbican development and the number of square feet of accommodation available at each section of each level. 2 of the plans are identical except for some hand written notes. the third differs slightly in the area calculations.

Dates: c1955

Plans: perspective drawings, c1955

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/5.2.4
Scope and Contents

3 copy architectural perspective drawings (45cm x 61cm) by TV Murray showing the proposed main shopping centre, the tower block and roundabout and Newington Butts at Comprehensive Development Area no 5: Elephant and Castle.

Dates: c1955

Plans: Upstream offices, 1953-1956

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/4.8.11
Scope and Contents 8 copy plans (69cm x 101cm) showing the planned development of Upstream Offices on the South Bank, London. This office tower block was part of the planned South Bank Permanent Development and was later occupied by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies. 6 of the plans are by the Reconstruction Areas Group of the Town Planning Division of London County Council's Architect's Department. 1 plan comprises site plans and sections for alternative positions of the blocks at 1" to 88'...
Dates: 1953-1956