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Correspondence between Geoffrey Beale and colleagues concerning Paramecium research, 1951-1975

Identifier: Coll-1255/2/3
Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence regarding Paramecium research with a variety of colleagues, including Tina Franceschi, T.T. Chen, Mary Austin, Ruth Dippell and others.

Dates: 1951-1975

Correspondence concerning Beale's research for Paramecium: Genetics and Epigenetics, 1996-2001

Identifier: Coll-1255/3/6
Scope and Contents

Correspondence chiefly concerns Beale's research for his and John Preer's book on Paramecium. Also present is an arrangement with the John Innes Centre for an oral history interview, and some correspondence with Beale's family regarding travel and visits.

Correspondence is in printed email form.

Dates: 1996-2001

Correspondence with Artur Jurand, 1961-1991

Identifier: Coll-1255/2/5
Scope and Contents

Correspondence concerns Beale's joint publications with Jurand and others relating to Paramecium, as well as Jurand's later work in the United States. Also contains some photographic plates of illustrative prints.

Dates: 1961-1991

Correspondence with Ian Gibson, 1960-1970

Identifier: Coll-1255/2/6
Scope and Contents

The earlier part of the correspondence concerns Gibson's research within the Institute of Animal Genetics. Later material concerns his research work at the University of East Anglia, as well as Beale's role as his academic referee.

Dates: 1960-1970

Correspondence with Janine Beisson, 1963-2000

Identifier: Coll-1255/2/9
Scope and Contents

The correspondence chiefly concerns Beale's comments and suggestions of Beisson and Adoutte's paper 'Cytoplasmic Inheritance of Erythromycin resistant mutations in Paramecium aurelia' as well as their collaboration with Beale, 'Genetic control of mitochondria in Paramecium'. Other items of correspondence also cover personal and social matters.

Dates: 1963-2000

Correspondence with Jonathan Knowles, 1969-1980

Identifier: Coll-1255/2/13
Scope and Contents

The correspondence chiefly concerns Knowles' arrival at Beale's laboratory, the awarding of his PhD, his research at the Institute of Animal Genetics and his later work in France and Finland.

Dates: 1969-1980

Correspondence with Taylor and Francis regarding Beale's book Paramecium: Genetics and Epigenetics, 2000-2002

Identifier: Coll-1255/3/9
Scope and Contents

Also contains the Memorandum of Agreement between Taylor and Francis and Geoffrey Beale, referee's reports on the book's synopsis, a draft version of the first chapter and some correspondence with John Preer Jr. about the order and contents of the book.

Dates: 2000-2002

Correspondence with Willem Johan van Wagtendonk, 1950-1971

Identifier: Coll-1255/2/2
Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence between Beale and van Wagtendonk generally concerning Paramecium research, as well as some personal matters.

Dates: 1950-1971

Data from population experiments with Paramecium, 1957-1961

Identifier: Coll-1255/8/2
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Contains data from experiments with antigens of Paramecium aurelia, population experiments with Paramecium, supernatants, hybridorms and cloning, mating induction with Euplotes and data relating to work with Sodsri Thaithong et al on pyrimethamine and Plasmodium falciparum, and a collection of lantern slide negatives.

Dates: 1957-1961

Draft and notes of Chapter 4 of Paramecium: Genetics and Epigenetics, 1996-2003

Identifier: Coll-1255/11/8
Scope and Contents

File also includes offprints by W. John Haynes and collaborators, email correspondence with Haynes and John Preer Jr. and a notebook containing Beale's notes relating to reading materials, experiments and some addresses of colleagues.

Dates: 1996-2003