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Compilation manuscripts

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Manuscript volumes comprising two or more works, whether referring to only the content combined or to the combination of physically separate leafs or gatherings that are sewn or tipped in to form one volume.

Found in 137 Collections and/or Records:

MS 80: Composite manuscript including six texts, early 14th century

Identifier: MS 80
Contents Contains six texts, written in several different hands.ff. 1r-6r: 'De Copia Verborum' by Seneca.ff. 6r-9v: Extracts of Terence, Seneca, Plautus, and Tullius.ff. 10r-150v: 'Summa de Vitiis'ff. 151r-170r: 'Sermones Dominicales fratris Johannis Aurelianis quondam cancellarii Parysiensis'ff. 170r-210v: 'Sermones Dominicales Fratris Ferrarii ordinis fratrum predicatorum regentis in theologia'ff. 211r-233v: 'Sermones super Beatitudines'The texts are described...
Dates: early 14th century

MS 83: Composite manuscript including three texts by Albertanus of Brescia, 15th century

Identifier: MS 83
Contents Contains three texts by Albertanus of Brescia, all three in the same hand.ff. 1r-67v: 'De amore et dilectione Dei et proximi et aliarum rerum et de forma vitae' by Albertanus of Brescia.ff. 67v-77r: 'De doctrina dicendi et tacendi' by Albertanus of Brescia.ff. 77r-112r: 'Liber consolationis et consilii' by Albertanus of Brescia.The text are described separately, under MS 83/ff. 1r-67v; MS 83/ff. 67v-77r; and MS 83/ff. 77r-112r. ...
Dates: 15th century

MS 84: Composite manuscript including two texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 84
Contents Contains two texts, written in different hands.ff. 1r-166r: 'De Perseverantia' by Maffeo Vegio [De Perseverantia Religionis]ff. 167r-190v: 'Ad Stagirium a Daemonio Vexatum' by John ChrysostomThe texts are described separately, under MS 84/ff. 1r-166r and MS 84/ff. 167r-190v. Writing The Vegius is written in a clear sloping italic hand which grows smaller at the end. The final treatises are in Gothic...
Dates: 15th century

MS 88: Composite manuscript including four texts, late 15th century

Identifier: MS 88
Contents Contains four texts, written in two different hands.ff. 1r-6r: ‘Soliloquium’ by Eckbert [Soliloquium seu Meditationes]ff. 6v-8r: Selection of passages of Augustine of Hippo, Bernard of Clairvaux, a Gregory, and Thodore the Studiteff. 8v-10v: ‘Speculum Monachorum’ by Arnoul de Bohériesf. 10v: Three short poems in DutchThe texts are described separately, under MS 88/ff. 1r-6r; MS 88/ff. 6v-8r; MS 88/ff. 8v-10v; and MS 88/f. 10v. ...
Dates: late 15th century

MS 89: Composite manuscript including eight texts, 12th-14th century

Identifier: MS 89
Contents Contains eight texts written in different hands (at least seven), and at different periods.ff. 1r-63v: 'Salutatio' by Albuinus Eremita or Presbyter [De Virtutibus]f. 63v: Verses and sentencesff. 64r-82r: ‘Meditaciones’ by Pseudo-Bernard of Clairvaux [Meditatio]f. 82v: Sermonff. 83r-88v: ‘Soliloquium de Arrha Animae’ by Hugh of Saint Victorf. 89r: ‘De Spirituali Amicitia’ [incomplete] by Aelred of Rievaulxff. 90r-101v: ‘Legenda aura’ [incomplete] by Jacobus da...
Dates: 12th-14th century

MS 90: Composite manuscript including five texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 90
Contents Contains five different texts, all five in the same hand.ff. 1r-13v: ‘Meditationes’ [incomplete] by Pseudo-Augustine of Hippoff. 14r-107r: ‘Meditationes’ by Anselm of Canterburyff. 107r-117v: ‘Speculum Peccatorum’ff. 118r-129r: Meditationsf. 129r: ‘Enarrationes in Psalmos’ [incomplete] by Augustine of HippoThe texts are described separately, under MS 90/ff. 1r-13v; MS 90/ff. 14r-107r; MS 90/ff. 107r-117v; MS 90/ff.118r-129r; MS 90/f. 129r. ...
Dates: 15th century

MS 92: Composite manuscript including two texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 92
Contents Contains two texts, written by two different hands.ff. 1r-22v: Meditaciones Vite Christi [incomplete] by Pseudo-Bonaventureff. 23r-32v: Gospel of Nicodemus [incomplete]The texts are described separately, under MS 92/ff. 1r-22v; and MS 92/ff. 23r-32v. Writing Written by two different hands, both rather cramped. The rubrics are by a third hand. There are...
Dates: 15th century

MS 94: Composite manuscript including five texts, 12th-13th century

Identifier: MS 94
Contents Contains five texts, in several different hands.ff. 1r-28r: Homilies entitled De Laudibus Virginis Matris by Bernard of Clairvauxff. 28v-42r: Sermonsff. 43r-53r: Corpus Iuris Civilis [incomplete]ff. 53v-54r: Song Spe Mercedis et Corone (lyrics and musical notation)ff....
Dates: 12th-13th century

MS 95: Composite manuscript including five texts, 14th century

Identifier: MS 95
Contents Contains five texts, in several different hands.ff. 1r-3v: short sermonsff. 4r-63v: compilation of religious passagesff. 64r-116r: sermonsff. 117r-133r: ‘Flores in Contemplationem’ by Pseudo(?)-Augustineff. 133v-140r: Anonymous sermonThe texts are described separately, under MS 95/ff. 1r-3v; MS 95/ff. 4r-63v; MS 95/ff. 64r-116r; MS 95/ff. 117r-133r; and MS 95/ff. 133v-140r. Writing It is written in court hand of a good...
Dates: 14th century

MS 99: Composite manuscript including eight texts , 15th century

Identifier: MS 99
Contents Contains eight texts, in several different hands.Margins: Sermones super Cantica Canticorum [incomplete] by Bernard of Clairvaux.ff. 1r-80v: Anonymous commentary on the Song of Songsff. 80v-92v: 'Expositio super Magnificat'ff. 97v-134v: Sermon on the Passionff. 136r-151r: Commentary of the Song of Songs by Honorius Augustodunensisff. 151r-160r: Tabula lectionumff. 161r-176r: 'Stella Clericorum'ff. 176r-183r: Sermon on the...
Dates: 15th century