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Compilation manuscripts

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Manuscript volumes comprising two or more works, whether referring to only the content combined or to the combination of physically separate leafs or gatherings that are sewn or tipped in to form one volume.

Found in 149 Collections and/or Records:

MS 149: Composite manuscript containing two texts (plus insertions), 15th century

Identifier: MS 149
Contents Contains one text bound together with a collection of documents, in different hands.f. 1r-27v: 'Provinciale' by William Lyndwoodf. 29r-32v: Copies of a document concerning forms of absolution of the 15th centuryf. 30r also contains 12 lines of English and Latin verse and also a copy of a document dated at Stamford, 1481, concerning a Lincolnshire will.The texts are described...
Dates: 15th century

MS 150: Composite manuscript containing four texts, 16th century

Identifier: MS 150
Contents Contains four texts, all in the same hand. This manuscript was written for the Dominican Convent of Sciennes in Edinburgh.ff. 1r-21r: Gospelsf. 21v: A rubric in Scots, setting out when 'The evangell sall be rede'ff. 22r-23v: a table (ff. 22v-23v left blank) entitled 'Ye Chengyng of Ye Mwne'ff. 24r-52r: 'Constitutiones Sororum Ordinis Predicatorum' (Cconstitutions of the Sisters of the order of the Friar Preachers, or Dominicans)The...
Dates: 16th century

MS 151: Composite manuscript containing nine texts, 14th century

Identifier: MS 151
Contents Contains nine texts bound together, in different hands.Of note, the endpaper at the beginning of the manuscript is an interesting fragment from an Antiphoner of the 9th or 10th century. The other endpaper is a textual fragment too, although from later that the 9th/10th centuries.ff. 1r-8v: Bull of Pope Honorius III to Saint Francis and the brothers of the Orderff. 9r-13r: Bull of Pope Gregory IXff. 14r-50r: Bull of Pope Nicholas III from 1279,...
Dates: 14th century
Front cover
Front cover

MS 152: Composite manuscript containing the Rule of Saint Benedict and various other texts, 1560

Identifier: MS 152
Scope and Contents A composite manuscript connected with the Benedictine Monastery of San Lorenzo, in the Castello neighbourhood of Venice. The first text was commissioned by the Abbess Cipriana Michiel. The texts are preceded by a table of contents which appears to be an addition and which includes detailed heading for the first four texts (all written by the same hand). The table of contents starts on f. iiir. It is introduced by the rubric Al nome del nostro Signore Jesu Chisto....
Dates: 1560

MS 153: Composite manuscript containing three texts, 1459

Identifier: MS 153
Contents Contains three treatises by John Haghen, written by the scribe John Rössler and annotated by John of Haghen himself.ff. 1r-178r: 'Expositio privilegiorum Ordinis Carthusiensis'ff. 178r-264r: 'Expositio aliorum privilegiorum ejusdem Ordinis'ff. 265r-329v: 'Tractatus de Vita et Regimine Clericorum'The texts are described separately, under the folio headings listed above. Writing A good, uniform...
Dates: 1459

MS 155: Composite manuscript containing five texts , 13th-14th century

Identifier: MS 155
Contents This manuscript was created in the 13th or 14th century and the hand seems to be Italian. It features a collection of legal texts, focussed on Roman law. They could all be connected to the Corpus Juris Civilis, a legal text compiled by Justinian, traditionally known as Justinian the Great, who the Eastern Roman emperor from 527 to 565. It seems that the texts in this manuscript have been lifted from another manuscript, as some of them start and end...
Dates: 13th-14th century

MS 163: Composite manuscript containing tables and three texts, 12th-15th centuries

Identifier: MS 163
Contents Contains three texts, and tables subsequently inserted into the volume. The fly leaves (ff. i-ii) containing the tables are by later hands, while the rest of the manuscript is by a single 12th-century hand with only the exception of f. 72, which is written by a different but contemporary 12th-century hand.The tables on f. ir and f. iiv list three additional texts, now missing, or perhaps never copied: 'Liber urinarum a voce theophili' (Theophilus Protospatharius's, also known as...
Dates: 12th-15th centuries

MS 165: Composite manuscript containing three texts, 13th century

Identifier: MS 165
Contents Contains three texts, all in the same hand. Although these are three separate texts, the binding of them together, with the two short texts following Avicenna's Canon is a common arrangement.ff. 1r-406r: Canon of Medicine by Avicenna [Arabic: Ibn Sina], in 12th-century Gerard of Cremona's Latin translationff. 407r-411v: synonima Avicenniff. 411v-412r: Expositiones...
Dates: 13th century

MS 166: Composite manuscript containing sixteen texts by/attributed to Galen, late 13th century

Identifier: MS 166
Contents Contains sixteen texts by/attributed to Galen, in two different hands.ff. 1r-15v; 271r-274v:'De morbo et accidente'ff. 15v-48r; 266v-271r: 'De Interioribus'ff. 48r-75v: 'Megategni', 11th-century Latin translation by Constantinus Africanusff. 75v-92r: 'De Creticis Diebus'ff. 92r-114v: 'De Crisibus', 12th-century translation by Gerard of Cremonaff. 115r-125v: 'De elementis secundum Hippocratem', translated by Gerard of...
Dates: late 13th century

MS 167: Composite manuscript including eight medical texts, 13th century

Identifier: MS 167
Contents Contains eight texts on medicine bound together, in three different hands.ff. 1r-11r: Graphic depiction of the divisions of the sciences and medicine, and their connections to philosophyff. 11v-15v: De Ornatu Mulierumff. 16r-19v: Text on phlebotomyff. 19v-21r: De sectionibus et cauteriis et ventosis, by Al-Raziff. 21r-23v: Treatise on ulcersff. 24r-33v: A...
Dates: 13th century