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Reprints (Publications)

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Amidase research , 1971-1987

Identifier: Coll-1577/4/4
Scope and Contents

Contains journal articles on research pertaining to the enzyme amidase along with related data and correspondence.

Dates: 1971-1987

Annual and research reports from various genetics research institutions, 1930-1978

Identifier: Coll-1255/12/2/2
Scope and Contents

Contains quinquennial research reports from the Institute of Animal Genetics, reports from the East African Trypanosomiasis Research Organisation, Department of Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor, Royal Society, Institute of Genetics, University of Pisa, National Institute of Genetics, Japan and Department of Genetics, Carnegie Institution of Washington. Also includes some catalogues, articles and reprints.

Dates: 1930-1978

Bound volume of lectures given by Alan Greenwood, 1946-1949

Identifier: Coll-1057/5/1/11
Scope and Contents Spine reads 'Reprints and papers' and fly leaf is inscribed with Alan Greenwood's signature. Contains 10 papers: 'Breeding: Science and Practice: Address to National Association of Poultry Breeders, 12 June 1946'; 'Poultry Research in Scotland: for Central Office of Information, London for 'British Ally' - published by H.M Govt. in Soviet Union, October 1947'; 'Science...
Dates: 1946-1949

Correspondence with Klaus Heckmann, 1963-1999

Identifier: Coll-1255/2/8
Scope and Contents

Correspondence chiefly concerns arrangements for Heckmann's visit to Edinburgh in 1964, Beale's visits to Germany, his role as an academic referee for Heckmann and Heckmann's assistance in Beale's research for Charlotte Auerbach's biographical memoir. Also contains a copy of Heckmann's retirement speech from the University of Münster (in German) and several offprints of Heckmann's papers.

Heckmann's replies to Beale are in German.

Dates: 1963-1999

Draft chapters 1 and 2 of 'Genetics and Development of Ciliate Protozoa' and other papers, 1950-2001

Identifier: Coll-1255/11/2
Scope and Contents

Also includes various reprints from C.D. Darlington and others, a photocopy of 'The Cult of Lysenko: 30 appalling years' (Beale's review of Z.A. Medvedev's book The Rise and Fall of T.D. Lysenko) (1969) and email printouts to Beale from John Preer Jr. and Lisa Ranford Cartwright.

Dates: 1950-2001

Files relating to Sodsri Thaithong's paper 'Studies on changing susceptibilities to pyrimethamine of parasites of Plamodium falciparum grown in culture', 1997-1999

Identifier: Coll-1255/11/9
Scope and Contents File 1 (1992-2000): various drafts of the paper, printed out and annotated by Beale between April and August 1998, together with related offprints; File 2 (October 1997-October 1998): fax printout correspondence between Beale, Sodsri Thaithong, Lisa Ranford-Cartwright, data, illustrative prints and various drafts of the paper, printed out and annotated by Beale between June and August 1998; File 3 (December 1998): draft of the paper in a version dated 19 August 1998, with...
Dates: 1997-1999

Four items found loose among photographs, 1924-1967

Identifier: Coll-1057/6/2/96
Scope and Contents Contains: 'The Growth Rate in Hypophysectomised Salamander Larvae' by Alan Greenwood, reprinted from the British Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol. II (October 1924); 'Biological Methods of Diagnosing Equine Pregnancy I. The Mouse Test' by W.C Miller and II. The Capon Test by A.W Greenwood and J.S.S Blyth, reprinted from the Proceedings...
Dates: 1924-1967

Journal articles, 1971-1987

Identifier: Coll-1577/4/4/1
Scope and Contents Article reprints related to Amidase/amino acid research and a draft as well as reptins of R.P. Ambler's paper entitled The amino acid seuqence of the aliphatic amidase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Journal articles a) Patricia H Clarke, F.R.S. The Leeuwenhoek Lecture, 1979. Experiments in microbial evolution: new enzymes, new metabolic activities. Proceedings of the royal society London biological sciences London, volume 207, 1980. b) P.R. Brown and Patricia H. Clarke. Amino Acid...
Dates: 1971-1987

Journal Articles I, 1969-1998

Identifier: Coll-1577/4/1
Scope and Contents

Reprints and photocopies of journal articles related to amino acid sequencing and gene sequencing of bacteria, some by R.P. Ambler. Also includes list of papers "to be published" and print outs of data locations on discs.  

Dates: 1969-1998

Journal Articles II, 2001-2002

Identifier: Coll-1577/4
Scope and Contents

Drafts of three publications by R.P. Ambler including Evidence for the amino acid sequences of the "small" cytochromes C2 from three species of purple phototrophic bacteria, Evidence for the amino acid sequences of the zinc-requiring beta lactamase II from two strains of the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus cereus (5/B/6 and 569/H), and Evidence for the amino acid sequences of the cytochromes C3 from several species of sulphate reducing and other bacteria.

Dates: 2001-2002