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Medicine, Medieval

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Ars operativa medica by Pseudo-Llull [fragment], c 1525

Identifier: MS 122/f. 1r
Contents This folio (f. 1r) seems to contain a short extract from the Ars operativa medica wrongly attributed to Ramon Llull. It is a medical text.In this manuscript, another hand has titled this section Oratio Raymundi Lullii. It starts with the words Domine Jhesu Christe qui es vera salus omnium. Writing This section is written in a...
Dates: c 1525

De Medicinis Secretissimis by Pseudo-Llull , c 1525

Identifier: MS 122/ff. 129r-141r
Contents This section contains De Medicinis Secretissimis, sometimes called Medicina Magna (as in this manuscript), which was wrongly attributed to Pseudo-Llull. This is a medico-alchemical treatise linked to the Liber de secretis naturae, which is contained in the previous section of this manuscript.In this manuscript, this work is titled Magne Medicine sapientum...
Dates: c 1525

Expositio cum questionibus super textu Rasis in nono Almansoris, 1481

Identifier: MS 169/ff. 3r-37r, 41r-44r
Contents The first treatise in MS 169 is seemingly a uniquely extant text (noted in Thorndike and Kibre's Catalogue of Incipits. In the late 15th-century hand of Robert of Sherburn, it is entitled Expositio cum questionibus super textu Rasis in 9o Almansoris. The text itself is contained on ff. 3r-37r, and on ff. 41-44 there is an index to the text. The treatise seems to be questions, or a form of commentary, on...
Dates: 1481

Materia medica. Medical manuscript, Late 15th or early 16th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/1/3
Scope and Contents A parchment manuscript, quarto size, consisting of thirteen leaves, without cover. The manuscript appears to have been written in the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century. The hand is very good and regular. There is no ornamentation of the script, except that upper case characters are accentuated with red on all but the last four leaves. The writing is in two columns, and largely contracted.The text is an imperfect copty of the Tract on Materia Medica. There is nothing to...
Dates: Late 15th or early 16th century

Medical fragment in Gaelic, 15th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/1/1
Scope and Contents Eight leaves of parchment, small folio, stitched together with stout linen thread. The writing on the first six leaves is in two columns, in a plain, clear hand of the fifteenth century."J. J." (?Jacobus Jack) is written in quite a modern hand on the foot of margin of fol.3aa, otherwise there is nothing to indicate author, date, or scribe. The text is continuous, and the subject is given in Latin, written in small capitals:...
Dates: 15th century

Medical fragment in Gaelic, Late 16th century

Identifier: Coll-98/4/1/2
Scope and Contents A fragment consisting of three leaves of parchment, one of which is detached. On the foot margin of the first leave 'John Smith' is written. Across the page of the last leaf is writtein in large, firm, modern hand, 'Enter not into quarrelsom company,' and, apparently, in the same hand, down in the middle space of the detached leaf, 'Jacobus Jack Aught this Book.'The text is written in two columns, in a plain, legible hand, and probably dating from the late sixteenth century. The...
Dates: Late 16th century

MS 122: Composite manuscript containing four texts by Pseudo-Ramon Llull, c 1525

Identifier: MS 122
Contents This manuscript contains texts related to medicine or alchemy, all attributed to Ramon Llull, a Catalan philosopher who lived from around 1235 to around 1315. Many alchemical works were misattributed to Llull in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, including those in this manuscript. The versions of these texts included in this manuscript were written around 1525 and the hand seems to be Italian, but a colophon on f. 128v states that it was written by Franciscus de Galliciis, which...
Dates: c 1525

MS 163: Composite manuscript containing tables and three texts, 12th-15th centuries

Identifier: MS 163
Contents Contains three texts, and tables subsequently inserted into the volume. The fly leaves (ff. i-ii) containing the tables are by later hands, while the rest of the manuscript is by a single 12th-century hand with only the exception of f. 72, which is written by a different but contemporary 12th-century hand.The tables on f. ir and f. iiv list three additional texts, now missing, or perhaps never copied: 'Liber urinarum a voce theophili' (Theophilus Protospatharius's, also known as...
Dates: 12th-15th centuries

MS 164: Medical text by Petrus Musandinus, 12th century

Identifier: MS 164
Contents This text is entitled Liber medicinae secundum Petrum de Musandia ('Second book of medicine of Peter Musandinus'). Petrus Musandinus was a 12th-century physician from the school of Salerno. Musandinus was probably the student of another important Salernitian physician and writer, Bartholomeus of Salerno who produced a commentary on the collection of Hippocratic medical texts fundamental to medieval medicine: the Articella. Petrus Musandinus himself produced a...
Dates: 12th century

MS 165: Composite manuscript containing three texts, 13th century

Identifier: MS 165
Contents Contains three texts, all in the same hand. Although these are three separate texts, the binding of them together, with the two short texts following Avicenna's Canon is a common arrangement.ff. 1r-406r: Canon of Medicine by Avicenna [Arabic: Ibn Sina], in 12th-century Gerard of Cremona's Latin translationff. 407r-411v: synonima Avicenniff. 411v-412r: Expositiones...
Dates: 13th century